Why Pharmakeys

The pharmaceutical industry is facing an important change due to lack of innovation, rise of generics, more regulatory requirements and market access constraints as well as the development of promotional tools and models.

These changes results on the emergence of new challenges for market players:

  • Respond to new market requirements (regulatory, pricing, quality etc )
  • Rethink the marketing approach, with more client-focused strategies rather than product oriented strategies
  • The international development, an unavoidable reality.
  • Outsourcing activities represent a cost effective and efficient solution to master these new challenges.

PHARMAKEYS is a Tunisian medical and scientific promotion agency that offers also various complementary customized services which perfectly fits your needs.

PHARMAKEYS has a good knowledge of the local pharmaceutical , parapharmaceutical and medical devices market.

PHARMAKEYS supports your business development strategy by bringing particular expertise to complement your internal teams capabilities and strengths.